Aurora Likes To Dream

Hey, I'm Aurora. University of Iowa art major. I feel older than I actually am. I am a dreamer. I was born in California. I am drawn to ethereal and indie type photos.

I like the summer...I love art and photography (creating and enjoying) This is just a culmination of beautiful things that make me think and smile

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Tiger [Via/More]

untitled by adidekel on Flickr.


i think about this video almost every day and i am so frightened of it


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I was gonna keep scrolling but then my brain said something really funny so I’d thought I’d share. Don’t hate me, I am sleep deprived. “Look at these existentialist teenagers. Here they are wanting a damn rock to be a planet, while they as women are under represented. Why would you fight for pluto to be a planet when you are not a planet yourself? Use your voice for powerful things, girl. Become a planet, and then worry about that little chunk of fucking ice” 
Hahaha college is great